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Category: Redesigning the health system

  1. How the NHS will look in 2030

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    From Health Services Journal

    The NHS will change dramatically by 2030 but its future depends on whether it adopts radical innovation, and the extent to which people take responsibility for their own health, argue James Barlow and Chris Evennett

    If Florence Nightingale walked the corridors of the NHS today, she would be amazed by advances in healthcare − but she might still recognise how it all fits together. The familiar building blocks of healthcare organisations remain the same despite much change, with local doctors providing first level treatment while mediating between patients and community based hospitals.

    By 2030, healthcare could be unrecognisable to her: it might feel a lot more like the current banking experience, thanks to changing technology and more self-care in place of healthcare professionals. It is an intriguing possibility that could reduce the costs of services and free up funds for the demographic pressures we face.

  2. Addressing the barriers

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    Published Health Services Journal, 4 October 2012

    Research on stroke cases in Scotland suggests low-cost, hospital-based initiatives could transform outcomes for many, write Evin Uzun Jacobson and colleagues

    Delays in emergency treatment for stroke victims are taking a significant toll on Britain’s ageing population, the NHS and the UK economy.

    Despite improvements made by the government’s detailed stroke strategy, many more stroke victims each year could be treated faster, at relatively low cost, to avoid long-term disabilities, according to research conducted by our team at the Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre.