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Category: Disruptive innovation

  1. Transferring healthcare innovation from low income countries

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    Originally posted on HaCIRIC website: 20 April 2012

    By James Barlow

    Low and middle income countries (LMICs) offer some of the most interesting examples of healthcare innovation. Some of this involves adapting solutions from richer countries but it also involves developing local, ‘bottom-up’ innovations to achieve cost-effective outcomes.

    What lessons, then, do they offer us in richer countries?

  2. Paper tests tear up diagnostic norms

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    Originally posted on HaCIRIC website: 23 September 2011 by James Barlow

    Long ago in rich countries, we began the move to cheap and easier diagnostics. Women didn’t want to wait for a doctor to say whether they were pregnant.  So, over the counter testing kits were born. Latterly, access to the Internet has also greatly extended opportunities for diagnosis. Nevertheless, expensive diagnostic equipment and expertise have remained largely the norm within the NHS and other developed world health systems.