Evaluating the implementation of the UK's AMR Strategy

I am part of the PIRU team that has been commissioned to undertake an evaluation of the UK Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) Strategy, 2013-18. The first stage of the evaluation is a scoping study to develop the questions, objectives and methods for the evaluation, and to identify the data and evidence sources to be used. The Strategy is very broad, containing many potentially interacting actions across many sectors, including human and animal health, and with an international dimension. A conventional evaluation of the impact of the Strategy, as would be appropriate to a single intervention, is not possible. Instead, the evaluation will comprise a study of the implementation of the Strategy and the key mechanisms of change identified in the Strategy, with a view to helping strengthen the Strategy in future.

A report from the scoping study, and model describing the underlying logic of the Strategy, will be produced by the end of 2016. More information available here.