April 2018: appointed as a 'Bennet Visiting Professor', Halmstad University, Sweden for a 3 year term.


October 2017: expert panel member at the GENIE Conference, Harvard Business School.


July 2017: keynote speech at the IADH World Congress and chaired the pre-congress symposium, College of Physicians, Vienna.


June 2017: keynote speaker GenSearch Life Science Talks ‘Innovation in Healthcare: What is the Point?’, Paris.


March 2017: co-chair of the Mobilising Business, Acting on Future Health conference, Imperial College London.

February 2017: keynote speech at the Stanford University workshop on Industrialized Construction.

December 2016: keynote speech at the “New Models for Innovation. Inspiring Public-Private Partnerships” conference, SATT, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

November 2016: in Hong Kong judging the Swiss Re Foundation Entrepreneurs for Resilience Award, this year on innovations that promote independent living for elderly people.

October 2016: keynote speech at the second annual AGE-WELL conference, Montreal.

June 2016: launch of Pathway To Innovation web tool, developed for Imperial College Health Partners to help health technology innovators better understand the journey they face.

April 2016: TEDX talk at Deutsche Bank on “Meeting future global healthcare challenges. Why innovation is part of the problem”.

May 2016: keynote speech on the changing role of housing in healthcare and other talks at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul and Hospital de Clinicas, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

March 2016: Maben J, Barlow J et al. (2015) Evaluating a major innovation in hospital design. NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research 3(3) is the second most viewed report out of all 175 NIHR HS&DR reports for 2015. Available here.

February 2016: Open letter to the BMJ with 76 senior academics from 11 countries published: ‘An open letter to The BMJ editors on qualitative research’. British Medical Journal 352 doi:

October 2015: spoke on new models of PPP in healthcare at the GSOM Emerging Markets Conference-2015: Business and Government Perspectives, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

September 2015: Spoke at the IFA+ summit How Smart Will Smart Homes Really Be?

June 2015: Keynote speech at the 11th Design & Health World Congress & Exhibition, Hong Kong. Click here for my presentation.

June 2015: paper on "Organisational learning and inter-firm ‘partnering’ in the UK construction industry“ listed as a citation classic in knowledge management. See Alexander Serenko and John Dumay, J Knowledge Mgt.

March 2015: Spoke at Universities Australia conference Future Sense: Universities Shaping the New Era, Canberra.

March 2015: plenary panel discussion on innovation in pharma industry at the Eye for Pharma conference, Barcelona.

December 2014: Johnson & Johnson Inaugural Annual Lecture on Healthcare Innovation at Malaysia International Healthcare Innovation Conference and Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur.

November 2014: spoke at LIFT Basel. Click here for my presentation.

Chaired a session on the 'role of technology' and presentation on the safety implications on remote care at the Patient Safety & Quality Congress Middle East, Abu Dhabi, March 2013.

World Health Congress 2012, Abu Dhabi – expert panel session on remote care and presentation on ‘Bringing down barriers: Overcoming healthcare resistance to innovation’, December 2012.

Keynote speech at the Singapore Ministry of Health Holdings conference ‘Hi-Tec 2012’, September 2012.


These papers give a flavour of the work I have been involved in. For a full list of publications, some of which can be downloaded, visit my pages on Research Gate:

Dattée B, Barlow J (2017) Multilevel organizational adaptation: Scale invariance in the Scottish healthcare system. Organization Science.

Maben J, Barlow J et al (2015) One size fits all? Mixed methods evaluation of the impact of 100% single room accommodation on staff and patient experience, safety and costs. BMJ Quality & Safety. doi:10.1136/bmjqs-2015-004265.

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Hendy J, Barlow J (2012) The role of the organizational champion in achieving health system change. Social Science and Medicine 74(5), 348-355.

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